Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Where Dreams Come True .....

my lovelies
and a happy October to you
Happy Autumn too
I am very VERY happy to see Autumn
very happy indeed.

I hope you're all good?
it's been a while hasn't it?
I'm SO out~of~touch with blogland
not sure what everyone's been up to
so I'm looking forward to catching up

We had our holiday
and Oh it was GOOD
* M A G I C A L *

The wizarding world of Harry Potter at Universal studios

Macaron ice cream sandwich :o)

It's pretty hard to get back into reality when you've been in the land
'Where dreams come true'!

I'm feeling good now too
I had my eight week post surgery check~up yesterday
the surgeon was very happy with my progress
but not as happy as me!

Me and my Bee

Back soon

BIG love 
x Jooles x

Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Hello .....

Hello lovely friends
I made it ..... I'm here
and it's SO good to be back
I've missed you

Although, admittedly I'm not here to stay just yet
 it's just that I've had so many lovely messages
enquiring about me
and I didn't want you to be worrying .....

I am fine and SO relieved ..... all went to plan
it's two weeks on today
and yesterday was the first day that I felt a proper improvement
I'm still quite painful and sore
and if I am to be honest, a little low
I think that's all the worry, fear and drugs catching up with me
 I'm here all the same.

I've spent lots of time cosied up under my Peaceful quilt
and it really has been comforting
and I've been VERY well looked after by my sweethearts.
I've kept myself occupied with hours upon hours of hand sewing hexies
so much so that I have worn a hole in my finger
so now I have to sew with a plaster on it!

this will become a quilt for a sweet vintage doll bed

I shall be taking it easy a while longer
I don't feel jolly enough to be happy on here just yet
and ..... we have a holiday planned!
Up till now I've not really thought about it too much
didn't want to tempt fate, I guess
I haven't been 100% sure that I'd be well enough to go
(this is a special holiday that has been planned forEVER
..... I would cry a LOT if I couldn't go)

I'll probably be back here proper by the end of September.

Thank you so much for being so sweet and caring
sending your love, healing thoughts and prayers
and for all the wonderful tips
lavender oil on a pretty hankie was most soothing
thank you Sally
you really are all SO wonderful

..... and just take a look at this

this absolutely beautiful and perfect work of quilty art
was a surprise gift made especially for me
(I mean how sweet and thoughtful is that?)
from my dear new friend Sarah
I was so very touched that I cried ..... happy tears
what a truly lovely LOVELY thing to do

this will become a rainbow baby quilt

Before I go
can I just say

I LOVE nurses

they must be the loveliest people on the planet

with all my love
x Jooles x

Wednesday, 30 July 2014

A Peaceful Ta~Da and a farewell for now .....

Hello my lovelies

I have finished my 

Peaceful Quilt

the perfect name I've decided
it has saved my sanity on several recent days
soothed my mind
and kept me peaceful
I miss making it already

It has some of my most dearly treasured fabrics
vintage Laura Ashley
Liberty of London
loved one's vintage hankies
and other, mostly small and adored pieces
all from my 'Treasure' bag

I did treat myself to just a few new treasures 
mostly from my lovely friend Sarah
whose shop is Dangerously luscious
(you've been warned!)

As soon as I'd finished hand stitching the binding 
I threw it straight in the washing machine
and after that, straight in the drier
that's possibly against the law
I just love how it makes it look
Loved and Cherished

I am over~the~moon in love with it

I'll be closing my shops tomorrow.

I have my pre~assessment tomorrow morning
and I will have my surgery on Tuesday
Tuesday the 5th August .....
that scary date that has not left my mind for more than a few minutes
since I was first told of it
I wish I was having a general anaesthetic
but I'm not
(I did ask the surgeon ..... actually I think I begged a bit ..... but NO)

so so so so so Scared

I've been told that I'll only need two nights in hospital
I hope so.

I will dream of being in my own cosy bed
surrounded by those I hold dear 
and snuggled under my Peaceful quilt
that should get me through, don't you think?

I wish I could be a brave person
I'll just have to try my best to pretend to be one instead.

I've recently had some lovely comments
from a few of you
also going through scary health times
I wish you lots of love and healing
and I will be thinking of you

Well I guess it's time for me to bid farewell for now
I'll be back when I can
I miss you already

BIG love 
x Jooles x