Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Podcast Number Two ..... A MILLION Thank Yous x x x

Well, I've managed to podcast again
I had to dig my 'Brave Pants' out though!

and here are my show notes.....

In the Making

Finished Things

From my Postie

Alice in Wonderland yarns from Felt Fusion

(after I recorded I realised that the big skein
is in fact Wizard of Oz!)

A wonderful gift from my friend

In my shop
(2pm uk time on 29th June)

Thank you to .....

You..... yes YOU!
YOU are Wonderful
I have honestly been over~whelmed with so much kindness
all the Instagram messages, emails and comments
and general encouragement for my first podcast.
It has been surreal and wonderful.
My mind and heart have EXPLODED several hundred times
❤ ❤ 

Sweet Danni from Little Bobbins Knits
for her mention of me on her latest podcast

for making my heart explode on Instagram

Lovely Sandra for mentioning me on her latest podcast


A beautiful new friend
You MUST check out her podcast she is magical.

I have also fallen off my chair a lot!


* GIVEAWAY * * *

The very talented and kind Abbey Morris
has gifted one of her patterns to a lucky listener of my podcast
I think that is just Super~Duper exciting!
If you would like to be in with a chance of winning
please leave a comment on this post
I'll draw a random winner on the morning of my next podcast
Please make sure I can contact you
either by email or your Ravelry name.


Back soon!

BIG love
x Jooles x

Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Sew Sweet Violet Podcast ..... Number One!

Hello my lovelies

Gosh I've been
a bad bad blogger lately
(sorry x)
but I've also been
(also, scared. V.scared. V.V.scared)

If you're a reader of my blog
you'll know that I've not been very active on here lately
not for the lack of trying
it just hasn't been in me
I don't even know why.

I'm Still sock knitting

So I thought I'd give Podcasting a go .....

Here's number one!
I hope you enjoy it

and here are my show notes.....

From my Postie

Beautiful yarns from Circus Tonic Handmade

In my shop

Thank you to

Sweet Danni from Little Bobbins Knits
for her kindness & encouragement
I wouldn't have been brave enough without her

Back soon!

BIG love
x Jooles x

Thursday, 21 April 2016

Lots of Liberty Butterflies .....

Hello my lovelies

I'm just fluttering by
to let you know that my
Liberty of London Butterfly Art canvases
including my NEW Mini versions
will be in my Etsy shop at around 4pm today
(British summer time)
Thursday 21st April.

I've made some of my original square canvases with nine butterflies
in a rainbow of beautiful Liberty of London tana lawn.

Just as before there are two options of these .....

Liberty of London Butterfly Art Canvas

Each label is printed with the fabric name and colour of each butterfly

Liberty of London Personalised Butterfly Art Canvas

Each label is printed with the fabric name and colour of each butterfly with the exception of the bottom right Pink butterfly label
which is where you can add your very own personalisation!
(up to 18 characters including spaces)

I've also made lots of NEW minis
I think these are so adorable
they have three butterflies in a row
and come in four colour~ways

Coral & Pink
Blues & Greens

With the minis there are two options for the labels .....

Each label is printed with the fabric name and colour of each butterfly
(the same as the original square ones above)


The labels are printed with 
'Make'  'A'  'Wish!'

I hope that all makes sense!

Wishing you a glorious weekend

BIG love
x Jooles x

P.S Thank you so much for the sock love x

Monday, 18 April 2016

Socks Socks Socks ..... Part two.


Thank you so much for all of your lovely comments
on part one of my sock~stravaganza
I was so glad I wasn't the the only one who suffered 'Sock Fear'

Ok, back to it ..... next up were .....

Pair Number Five :: Paintbox Sprinkles
for my Sweet Bee
Finished in February

These are SUPER pretty
I used the same Whirlwind toe and gusset heel as on pairs number two, three & four
for the actual textured pattern I used the 
and the incredible yarn is called 'Paintbox' by Jitterbug.

Pair Number Six :: My Mermaids
Also finished in February!
I was getting speedy by
 this stage!

Guess which toe?
Whirlwind ..... I told you I love it!

I adore this slip stitch heel, isn't it pretty?
 sadly, I can't for the life of me remember where I found this pattern
I need to investigate this as I REALLY want to do it again.
This yarn was INCREDIBLE
BAERfoot sock by Baerenwolle in 'Mermaid'
I need more of this yarn in my life!

Pair Number Seven :: Easter Geek socks
Finished in March
I made these as part of an Easter swap with a sweet friend
I think they're as Eastery as you can get!
Finished on the 18th March.

Luckily these didn't fit me otherwise I'd have had trouble parting with them.

I don't need to tell you what toe I used!
The pattern I used to get the zig~zaggy stripes was 'Geek socks'
the heel I used on these is called 'Afterthought'
which is exactly as it sounds
you knit the whole sock
just like a tube but with the toe at one end
adding some waste yarn at the point you would like the heel to be
and then insert the heel afterwards.

I used YouTube video tutorials again for this
it's in three parts and is excellent and very easy to follow
Part one
Part two
Part three

An 'Afterthought' heel is brilliant if you are knitting in a self-striping yarn
because it doesn't interfere with the stripe patterning.
Clever hey?!

Isn't the yarn incredible?
It is called 'Sherbet dip' from Twisted Limone
I REALLY REALLY love self~striping yarn ..... it blows my mind.

Pair number eight :: Whether the weather
Finished 24th March
(In case you're thinking I'm super~sonic, I actually started these before the Easter Geek socks)

Same toe ..... sorry that's getting dull now isn't it?
It's just a great toe!

Another beautiful yarn ..... this time from London House Yarns
the colour~way is 'Whether the weather'
I added contrasting cuffs and heels using some mini skeins
The heel I used this time is called 'Fish Lips Kiss'
It's another heel that you can use that won't upset striping yarns
this one you knit in as you go
and I prefer it over the 'afterthought'

Pair number nine :: Sweet Bee's Birthday Socks!
finished 13th April

These are SO bright and zingy and I really REALLY love them
and more importantly so did the birthday girl.

Same whirlwind toe!
The gorgeous yarn was from Twisted Limone again
in 'Lotus'
I used the 'Geek socks' pattern again for the wonky stripes
and these ones have a 'Fish Lips Kiss' heel

..... and that's it, you've seen all of my socks.
Well .....I have actually started a new pair for myself
I'll share soon.

And here's some exciting news .....
There's a knit~a~long happening hosted by Kristen of Voolenvine yarns
It's called Box 'O Sox KAL
It started in January this year and will run until January 2017
the idea is that you fill a box with hand knitted socks
at least twelve but as many as you like.
anyone up for it?

 Kristen has a fabulous podcast ..... I'm really into podcasts at the mo.

Have a super lovely week my friends

BIG love
x Jooles x

Sunday, 10 April 2016

Socks Socks Socks ..... Part one.

Hello my sweet friends
I hope you've all had a happy week
and are enjoying a peaceful weekend

I've been a bit emotionally up and down this last week which is unsettling
but I'm trying to focus more on the 'ups' and the 'now'

Anyway, enough of that ..... Knitting. That's what I'm here to chat about
..... sock knitting to be precise .....
my therapy.

For a LONG time now I've REALLY wanted to try my hand at some sock knitting
 my eyes were always being drawn to the beautiful ones on Pinterest and Instagram
and my heart yearned to have a go
I mean, there is nothing much lovelier than to wear pretty handmade socks.

I'd bought sock yarn and needles with excitement
It was WAY too terrifying to start, you know ..... in case it went wrong
so, in the drawer they went
not to be seen for two years!
Silly, I totally know.

Then came a time when I needed something that I could concentrate on
when I wasn't feeling myself, towards the end of last year.
When I look back now, I don't know how I did it
learning a whole new skill at such a tricky time
I found that having to really concentrate and focus on this one thing
really helped my depression
I guess it's mindfulness.
I could just do two rounds a day if that's all I could manage
but I can't tell you how grateful I am to socks.
They should recommend this as a therapy on the NHS.

I seem to have learnt lots and pretty fast on this socky journey
although I still consider myslef a novice
I've had so many people ask me for advice
so I really hope I can encourage more sock knitters out of you!
Really, give it a go, it's not half as scary as you think ..... pinky promise.

I'm going to give lots of details in this post
(and the next one too)
to help you along if you fancy having a go
although, this is certainly NOT the 'Ultimate guide'
just how I learnt.

My first socks were started back in October
using my original yarn and needles
(I used 2.25mm circular needles with a 60cm cable)
I knit them toe~up.
I tinked back more than I knit
in fact, I probably knit that first sock four times over
It came out with a few small holes and a little bit too big
but I'm very glad that I persevered
I learnt so much and I still adore those socks
I finished them in mid November.

To get started, I used YouTube videos by The Blooming Knitter
Gosh, this made things so much easier
she is absolutely brilliant
and takes you through, step~by~step, how to make a whole sock

Toe~up socks ..... 

Give it a go, don't be scared
really it's only yarn and if all goes pear shaped you can just unravel it!
No biggie.

Pair number two :: For my Sweet Bee

Finished in December

For these I tried a new type of toe
which has become my all time fave as you will see.
The textured pattern I took from Atlantic current socks
I also tried a new heel for these
I took it from this pattern by WendyKnits
It was nice a straight forward and I've also used this a lot.

(Her book Socks from the toe up is also really handy
although there is an error in the pattern for this heel in the book
hence why I found another pattern for it on her website)

I used this pretty yarn

Pair number three :: Freshly picked strawberries

Finished in February
these are MINE!
(as they match my wallpaper obvs.)

Again, I used the Whirlwind toe
and a Gusset heel
(just like pair number two)
for the actual textured pattern I used

Hermione's Everyday Socks

The gorgeous yarn is by Norah George

Pair number Four :: Makiko's Socks

A birthday gift for my very dear friend
with beautiful dainty teeny tiny feet

These are the same as my Freshly picked strawberries
but much smaller for my petite friend!
I used this yarn
and wrapped them in these AMAZING free printable labels
(also in a crochet version!)
They make them look so gifty.

I've discovered that you can use any stitch design you fancy on your socks
just as long as the number of stitches you have in your sock
is divisible by the number of stitches in the pattern repeat of the pattern.

Lots of people use double point needles to make their socks
using either four or five
as yet I haven't tried them
I'm very happy using circular needles
especially these which are my current fave
but never say never, right?

I've also only knit my socks 'toe~up'
although I'm thinking I should venture into 'toe~down' territory soon!

and I didn't stop there, so I'll be back soon for part two!

BIG love
x Jooles x