Thursday, 30 July 2015

Gifts .....

..... I've been making (or should I say 'starting') a lot of them recently.
These gifts, though, for my dearest best friend
I did actually finish.
A deadline is obviously good for me.
Very sadly (for me anyway) she lives in Australia
happily for me though, she and her family are back visiting
and we've had a LOT of fun

(The cross stitch pattern is from Satsuma street on Etsy)

I made her this cushion to commemorate a trip that we'd been planning in London
hmmmm ..... we ended up tripping to Chichester instead!
but she loves it anyhow and we had such a fun time there
for lunch we popped in to M&S to buy a picnic lunch
we sat in the cathedral grounds enjoying our salads
whilst I taught her to English paper piece.

The day before we spent at my house where crochet lessons happened
flapjacks were consumed, a quick trip out for lunch and home to afternoon hot chocolates
and a WHOLE lot of nattering and more crochet.

(These dunked!)

We've had a ginormous family lunch too.
We've packed a LOT into two and a half days!
there will be one more get-together before their return
(I can hardly bear to type that let alone think about it)

..... and I made these cheeky little guys for her two daughters
one who is so delightful and one who is the former and my goddaughter to boot.

and this was given to me!
isn't it GORGEOUS?
I LOVE it and will treasure it ALWAYS
I can hear it shouting out for something deelish to sit upon it
 ..... don't you think?
I'll rectify that this weekend with a bit of luck.

Thank you so much for all of your comments on my Austria post
it seems I'm not the only one who adores that country
I find myself v.frequently day~dreaming about it
all that beauty and fragrant fresh air ......

..... so I bought myself a new book
how pretty?!

and just look at that new Liberty of London fabric  ❤ ❤ 

I've started to put that to good use already .....
new petite butterfly art canvases are in the making!

..... Oh another 'started' project
but in my defence it's made COMPLETELY from my scraps
and that feels so good.

Back soon

BIG love
x Jooles x

Sunday, 26 July 2015

Alpine Postcards .....

Hello my friends
I know ..... it's been a while hasn't it?
I've been galavanting about and generally having lots of fun!

Mr Sweet & I ventured off on our own, to Austria
(its' the first time EVER that we've had a whole week away on our own!)
this stunning country has been on my wish list for ALWAYS & for EVER
and Oh. It did not disappoint!
Not. One. Bit.
Everywhere you look is just like a beautiful postcard
l'd love to show you .....

(apologies in advance ..... there are a million photos ahead of you!)

We stayed in a beautiful town called Schladming

View from V.high up in a cable car ..... sweaty palms! 

Apple strudel obvs.

Salzburg .....

We took a train
it was a proper adventure
the scenery rushing past the window was utterly breath taking.

Mirabell palace and gardens where Maria and the children sung 'Do-Re-Mi'

This fountain was in The Sound of Music too

We had delicious coffee and cake in Tomaselli where Mozart liked to dine no less!

..... and this was the view from where we sat ..... it takes my breath away.

Leopoldskron Palace from The sound of music ..... so beautiful

Just like a real gingerbread house

Holiday stitching (pattern by Lilipopo) ..... I've named her Leisel

We walked for miles and miles and miles and miles .....

Plum dumpling with vanilla sauce and poppy seeds ..... Mmmmmm

Picnic lunch in a wild flower meadow .....

Oh.Em.Gee. Look at that bridge?!
this photo brings back my panic.
We went for a V.long hike up a mountain ..... I was SO proud of myself
I faced a big fear, head on! 
It was mind over matter as I crossed this 50m suspension bridge almost as high as heaven
poor Mr. Sweet had the painful pleasure of holding my sweaty hand! 
but this lake was at the top ..... a pretty good reward I'd say


This sound is everywhere ..... 

So long, farewell
Auf Wiedersehen, goodnight ..... to beautiful Austria
 It's safe to say that I left a little piece of my heart there
I'll return one day to collect it I hope.

Thank you for reminiscing with me

Back soon!

BIG love
x Jooles x